Hobart Quantum Arc 6 S307612-045


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Welding Wire MaterialCarbon Steel
Diameter0.045 in
Roll Weight45

When the task demands excellent weldability for CO2 or Ar/CO2 mixtures and you have rusty, scaly or oily plates, choose the mild steel electrode with deoxidizers powerful enough to handle the job.Hobart Quantum Arc 6 is formulated to ensure sound, porosity-free welds over a wide range of general shop fabrications.Typical Applications: Construction. Farm equipment. General shop work. Steel castings or forging salvage. Shaft buildup. Tanks. Automotive.Typical Mechanical Properties (AW): Tensile Strength (PSI): 85,000 (587 MPa), Yield Strength (PSI): 70,000 (485 MPa), Elongation % in 2″ (50 mm): 26%.Approvals and Conformances: AWS A5.18, ER70S-6, ASME SFA A5.18, ER70S-6, ABS ER705-6, CWB ER49S-6.

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