Welding Wire for Cast Iron diameter – 1.2 mm Nickel Manganese PANCH-11 Alloy


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Welding Wire Materialnickel

Product Overview: Welding Wire for Cast Iron, made from nickel based (≥87 Nickel) PANCH-11 alloy. Ideal for professional welding applications, especially in cast iron materials. Specifications:Material: Welding Wire (PANCH-11 Alloy)Diameter: 1.2 mmChemical Composition:Carbon (C): ≤0.3%Manganese (Mn): 5-6%Silicon (Si): ≤0.3%Nickel (Ni): BalanceIron (Fe): ≤2%Copper (Cu): 2.3-3%Rare-Earth Elements (REE): 0.20-0.40%Other Impurities: ≤0.30% Applications:Ideal for industrial welding, automotive repair, and construction projects involving cast iron. Recommendations for Use: Process to be conducted in the lower position, with narrow edge preparation, on direct current with straight polarity. Parameters: 80–150 km/h, 14–18 V, 90–140 A. Shipping:Fast and reliable shipping from KazakhstanContact us for custom orders and bulk purchases.

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0.45 kg (~0.99 lb), 0.8 kg (~1.76 lb), 1.8 kg (~3.97 lb)

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